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Remix 16

Stereo DJ Phrase Sampler

Remix16 picture

Akai's Specs for the Remix16

(this is copied straight from Akai, so there may be a little hype in there....:-)


Feature List

A stereo sampler designed specifically for phrase sampling and DJ live performance

  • 16-bit linear stereo sampling
  • 16 pads for triggering sampled phrases
  • "Hold" mode to automatically repeat beat loops
  • Bend/Scratch slider
  • Flexible Monitoring section allows auditioning and sampling from turntable or CD
  • Familiar Crossfader and Transformer buttons to control input/output mix
  • Tap tempo
  • Four-track sequencer
  • Built-in floppy disk drive for sample and sequence storage
  • 2MB of RAM standard
  • Powerful (but easy-to-use) editing
  • Sample compatibility with the entire range of Akai's "S" series samplers
  • Industrial-strength replaceable sliders
  • A tough metal housing that's equally at home in a coffin or a studio

Featuring the mind-bogglingly hip Beat-Loop function

  • Makes it easy to synchronize multiple phrases
  • For each phrase, input the number of beats and the desired tempo
  • The REMIX16 instantly adjusts the phrase to play at exactly that tempo

Expansion options

  • SCSI interface for connection to large hard drives and CD ROMs
  • Additional 16MB of RAM using a standard 72-pin SIMM

More hype-driven marketing literature from Akai:

REMIX16 Stereo DJ Phrase Sampler

The cool and the not-so-cool

Whether you're a DJ working live, or creating rap, hip hop or house in the studio, you know phrase sampling is a key ingredient in your music. Beat loops. Vocal and instrumental phrases. Outrageous sound effects. These are cool. What's not so cool is trying to do phrase sampling on a sampler that was designed to let you program the world's mellowest multi-sampled oboe. You know what we mean. Endless menus. Too many modes. Scrolling through cryptic parameters. It's the antidote to spontaneity.

Enter the Akai REMIX16

For ten years Akai has been the world leader in sampling. So when we set out to design the ultimate phrase sampler, we drew on our experience creating landmark instruments like the legendary MPC60 and MPC3000. We talked to leading DJs and producers. And what we came up with was a piece of gear designed to do one thing -- sample, loop, synchronize and mix phrases-- better than anything else in the world. (Well, maybe that's actually four things, but you get the idea.)

Where the groove never ends

With the Akai REMIX16, you'll do things live that you'd never dream of trying with any other sampler. Start by using the built-in floppy disk drive to load up some pre-sampled phrases, Play them from the 16 pads. Put a few beat loops on hold to establish the groove. Play some phrases over them. Bend some sounds. Scratch others. So far, so good. But say you decide you need a little something more for your mix. Something on a record you haven't sampled.

No problem.

Just switch the REMIX16's headphone monitor over to Input, cue up the turntable, sample it, loop it with a single button press and add it to the mix!

"But wait," you say. "What if that phrase doesn't match my tempo?"

Ah, ye of little faith. That's why we included the mind-bogglingly hip Beat Loop Function. Just input the number of beats and the desired tempo and the REMIX16 instantly adjusts the phrase to play at exactly that tempo.

We can hardly believe it ourselves.

But wait, there's more!

Of course there is. Since the REMIX16 is from Akai, there's plenty more. Like a 4-track sequencer to record your performances. Powerful (but easy-to-use) editing. Sample compatibility with the entire range of Akai "S" Series samplers. Industrial-strength replaceable sliders. And a tough metal housing that's equally at home in a coffin or a studio.

And if you're one of those people for whom too much is never enough, you can add more sampling memory (using a standard 72-pin SIMM) and an optional SCSI interface that lets you connect your REMIX16 to large hard drives, CD-ROMs and other SCSI storage peripherals.

Akai's Remix16 Detailed Specs

Sample Data Format: 16 bit linear, stereo or mono

Sampling Frequencies: 32 kHz, 16 kHz, 8 kHz

Standard RAM: 2 megabytes

Maximum RAM: 18 megabytes
(expandable with a 4MB or 16MB 72-pin SIMM)

Sampling Times
with 2MB RAM:
32kHz: Stereo: 15 seconds, Mono: 30 seconds
16kHz: Stereo: 30 seconds, Mono: 60 seconds
8kHz: Stereo: 60 seconds, Mono: 120 seconds

with 18MB RAM
32kHz: Stereo: 146 seconds, Mono: 292 seconds
16kHz: Stereo: 292 seconds, Mono: 584 seconds
8kHz: Stereo: 584 seconds, Mono: 1168 seconds

Polyphony: 8 voices

ADC and DAC: 4th order delta/sigma, 64x oversampling

Sequencer: Four tracks, approximately 30,000 steps

Sample Compatibility: Can load samples from Akai S900, S1000, S1100, S2800, S3000, S3200, S2000, S01 samplers

Data Storage: 3.5 inch 2DD/2HD floppy disk drive

Phono in: 2x RCA jack, 47k ohms impedance
Line in: 2x RCA jack, 47k ohms impedance
Footswitch: 1/4" phone jack

Line out: 2x RCA jack, 270 ohms impedance
Headphone: 1/4" stereo phone jack, 100 ohms impedance

MIDI: In, Out/Thru

Power Requirement
North America: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 18 W
Europe: 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz

Included Accessories: 4 sound disks

Optional Accessories:
IB-16S SCSI interface board
XF-45 replacement slider (for Crossfade and Bend/Scratch)

Dimensions: 300mm W x 330mm D x 108mm H

Weight: 6.0 kg

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