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Re: y2k9 vid clips index - please post *your* set link

would i be able to do that with iMovie on the mac? i haven't done much
with it, but i'd be willing to do the chop-up.

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 3:52 PM, Bob Amstadt <bob@amstadt.com> wrote:
> I have all of the original video directly from the camera from Saturday
> night after dinner and all of Sunday.  Unfortunately, I don't have the
> original video from Saturday during the day.  I have not had a 
> to go through the original video and chop it up.  If somebody wants to
> volunteer to do that, I'd be happy to convert the video to MPEG and send 
> to you.  Probably the best thing to do is put the MPEG files on DVD and 
> them because that many hours of video will be rather large.
> ---
> Bob Amstadt
> Looperlative Audio Products
> (408) 921-LOOP
>> also, is there any way to download a clip? Some of the links on the
>> "show page" seem to be not loading. I'm wondering how long ustream
>> will keep them up there (or exist, for that matter) - I'd like to
>> obtain an archival copy of my set.