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RE: Looperlative core

Sure entirely feasable here is a possible scenario for an open source 
system http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=
Maybe use a modified version of SooperLooper you might have to
separate/remove the current UI code and add some hardware UI code.
So, lets see here are some boards that with some work might be able to
produce the desired results
One could start out fresh and use libsndfile to build individual loop
functions being this is all based on Open Source/Hardware I suppose you
would have to sell it for labor fees being most of the above is GPLed.

Fun Stuff
Hmm Open Looper....?

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128Mbyte RAM + USB port => Analog Device BLACKFIN DSP core ?

if so, firmware "develooped" in C  I suppose ... always so fast to start
such a project ...